My name (as written in the form below) I have asked iWebground to  give me access to back-end in my website (as written in the form below).

Also I have read the terms and conditions in the following link and I agree with conditions number 16 and 16-0-1 and 16-1.

This means :

1- If the website design is corrupted or changed by the admin user or any other user or extension , iWebground will not take any responsibility.

2- If there is a change in the activity of the website, such as speed or functionality, iWebground will not take any responsibility.

3- The free update plan per month will be cancelled.

4- Any licensed product in your website are valid only in our server, if you decide to move your domain or design to another server the product will become invalid.

*We as (iWebground)  are not working with third party admin role or another admin in the website also we are not giving any guarantee for any other extensions. Therefore from the moment that we received this form we will provide the customer with needed of the website within 24 hours. If the customer need our help for RE-design or solve any problem extra charge may be applied.